Brow Brush Trio

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Our Brow Brush Trio consists of our Multi Task Duo Brow Brush, our super soft Spoolie Brush is used to soften and blend and our Perfect Line Brush to create the perfect sharp brow.

Multi Task Brush
1 × Multi Task Duo Brow Brush
The brow brush that can do it all! THE perfect travel brush brow companion. Multi task your brow shadow, brow highlighter, and blending all in one. A must-have for the 21st century renaissance woman.

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Mini Duo Brow Brush
1 × Mini Duo Brow Brush

Tiny brush, bold brow! Our Mini Duo Brow Brush is perfect to apply a soft blend, a defined line or both. Plus it's  3" size is perfect to throw in that sleek clutch or weekend travel bag. Don’t leave home without it!

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Smudger Brush
1 × Smudger Brush

Need to smudge and blend? Create the perfect blend with our Smudger Brush and Brow Highlighter Duo Pencil.

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In our Brow Brush Trio, get our top selling brow brushes.

Our Multi Task Duo Brow Brush has a flat liner brush for applying brow shadows and a fluff highlight brush to apply brow highlight shadows. All in one.

Our Mini Multi Task is perfect to throw in your purse for brow touch ups.  Everything you need to get your brows perfect on the go.

Our Smudger Brush blends our Brow Highlighter Pencil perfectly. The pointed tip creates a perfect brow line while the edge of the brush smudges down onto the brow bone for a seamless blend.


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