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Brow Essentials 3 Piece Set

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Everything you need to keep your brows looking great in our Brow Essentials 3 Piece Set comes with our clear

  • Brow Fixx Brow Gel in Clear
  • Precision Brow Pencil
  • Duo Brush.

The perfect natural brow makeup makeup.

Brow Fixx Clear
1 × Brow Fixx Clear

Ready, set, hold! Brow Fixx Clear tames and defines brows for all day shape and shine. No flaking, stiffness, crunchiness or gray effects. The perfect brow gel that not only sets, but keeps brows smooth and sleek all day long. A touch of sheen adds to the healthy full brow goal. 

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Duo Brow Brush
1 × Duo Brow Brush

Put the WOW back in your brow with our Duo Brow Brush. The spoolie brush has super soft bristles, perfect for blending brow makeup without irritation. The super thin angled brush is just what's needed for applying hair like strokes to achieve your most natural brow look.

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Precision Pencils
1 × Precision Brow Pencil

Because “coloring outside the lines” shouldn’t apply to your brows, finally there is an easier way. Our Precision Brow Pencil mimics hair like strokes for the most naturally brow. This is NOT your grandmother's brow pencil.

Precision Brow Pencil

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Get your brows off to a great start with our Brow Essentials 3 Piece Set.

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