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Brow Growth 4 Piece Deluxe Set

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Do damage control with our exclusive Brow Growth 4 Piece Deluxe Set for thicker, fuller brows with our

  • Brow Serum

  • Brow Scrub

  • Brow Fixx Mascara in Clear

  • Duo Brow Brush

elke® Brow Scrub
1 × Brow Scrub

Our all natural Brow Scrub offers a unique and natural way to help aid in brow growth without the use of chemicals and unnatural ingredients.  Growth is usually noticed within 2-3 weeks of nightly use. Cruelty free and vegan.

 Vegan    Paraben-Free   Gluten-Free

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elke® Brow Creme Serum
1 × Brow Creme Serum

Reveal lush brows with my elke® Brow Creme Serum - Cruelty Free Advanced Formula. Clients see more brow growth at once with visible results in as little as 3 weeks. Ingredients like meadowfoam seed oil and DMAE work to encourage brow growth naturally. Trust us, you deserve this.

 Vegan    Paraben-Free    Phthalate-Free    Gluten-Free

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Brow Fixx Clear
1 × Brow Fixx Clear

Ready, set, hold! Brow Fixx Clear tames and defines brows for all day shape and shine. No flaking, stiffness, crunchiness or gray effects. The perfect brow gel that not only sets, but keeps brows smooth and sleek all day long. A touch of sheen adds to the healthy full brow goal. 

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Duo Brow Brush
1 × Duo Brow Brush

Put the WOW back in your brow with our Duo Brow Brush. The spoolie brush has super soft bristles, perfect for blending brow makeup without irritation. The super thin angled brush is just what's needed for applying hair like strokes to achieve your most natural brow look.

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Our Brow Growth 4 Piece Deluxe Set comes with

  • Brow Scrub* | Get growing.
  • Brow Serum** | Enhance it.
  • Brow Fixx in Clear | Set it.
  • Duo Brow Brush (angle brush + spoolie) | Apply it.

*Notice results in 2 weeks used twice a day.
**Notice results in 3/4 weeks used once a day.


  • elke® Brow Creme Serum

    Brow Creme Serum

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  • elke® Brow Scrub

    Brow Scrub

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