elke® Duo Brow Brush

Duo Brow Brush for Wonderbrow™


I especially designed our Wonderbrow® Brush to apply any colored brow product with great results.

  • Super thin Slant Angle Brush to apply perfect hair like strokes.
  • Super soft Spoolie Brush to blend without skin irritation.
  • Blends Wonderbrow® perfectly without removal.
  • Apply spoolie to hairs as a tint.
  • Apply brush to skin to fill in sparse brows.
  • Special mid length for travel or purse.

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Product Description

elke™ wonderbrow brushOur Brown Faux Duo Brow Brush is designed specifically to apply our Wonderbrow™ Colored Wax. With a thin slant angle brush on 1 side to apply and a super soft spoolie brush on the other to blend.

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 1 x .3 in


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Special mid length for travel or purse
Glossy black handles
Faux squirrel hair for angle brush
Super soft bristles for spoolie brush

Apply with slanted angle brush.
Blend and soften with the super soft spoolie brush.

ANGLE BRUSH Use to apply

  • brow shadow
  • colored brow mascara
  • brow wax
  • eyeliner


  • Groom brows
  • Groom lashes
  • Blend mascara
  • Blend brow mascara and brow shadow