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Men’s Groom 3 Piece Kit


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Brow Smooth


Unruly brows driving you nuts? Our Brow Smooth offers a simple way to tame and get those coarse brows of yours under control.

  • Maintain brows with caster oil.
  • Softens hairs for better manageability over time.
  • Tame coarse, thick and unruly brows.
  • For men & women

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elke Spoolie Brow Brush

I personally designed my super soft Spoolie Brow Brush to really put your brows in their place.

  • Use to brush through and tame brows.
  • Use to comb through lashes after mascara application.
  • Use to blend all your brow makeup, from pencils to brow shadows.
  • Super soft hairs perfectly blends brow makeup without removal.
  • Super soft hairs prevents skin irritation.

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Brow Tamer Pomade

Made especially to tame those thick, coarse brows of yours.

  • water resistant
  • clear brow wax to tame brows
  • crunch free
  • will not turn ashy or gray
  • does not change brow makeup color and tones.
  • perfect for thicker, coarser brows
  • For both men and women

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Our Brow Grooming 3 Piece Kit for men includes everything you need to get your brows groomed to perfection. Use our Brow Tamer Pomade Wax to groom and tame those unruly brows. Just run a touch through the brows with your fingers and blend through with our Brow Spoolie brush into place. Apply our Brow Smooth morning and night to calm and smooth thick, coarse brows.

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