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Brow Essentials 3 Piece Kit

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Our NEW & IMPROVED vegan Brow Creme Serum offers an all natural way to help aid in brow growth without the use of chemicals with results seen in as little as 1-2 weeks. 

  • Uses coconut oil, aloe vera, meadowfoam seed oil and 3x the DMAE to help with skin texture and reveal lush brows.
  • Recommended for those who see very little brow growth.
  • For best results, apply our Brow Creme Serum after using our Brow Scrub.
  • No growth hormones, chemicals or synthetics.
This item is not available at the moment.

Brow Fixx : Clear

elke® Clear Brow FixxNo stiffness or ashy brows here.  Brows that are groomed, in place and touchable.

  • Avoid that crunchy, flaking off residue of most brow gels with our clear water-like texture in mascara form.
  • Make your brows glow with our super soft sheen for healthy looking brows.
  • A pro makeup artist fav. Can easily build up for great texture without flaking.
  • For men and women.


This item is not available at the moment.

Brow Glow

My Exclusive item for an instant brow lift. You know you want it.

  • Blend along the tops of brows to create an instant brow lift.
  • Gives a soft sheen for all skin tones.
  • Can be used as a soft sheen for face and body.
  • Great for tweens. A perfect brow highlight starter color.
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Get your brows off to a great start with our Brow Essentials 3 Piece Kit.

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Brow Glow


Brow Fixx : Clear



Brow Glow

Brow Glow

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