Brow Growth 3 Piece Set

Brow Growth 3 Piece Set

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Do damage control with our exclusive Brow Growth Trio for thicker, fuller brows.

elke® Brow Scrub
My all natural vegan Brow Scrub offers a unique, simple way to help aid in brow growth in as little as two weeks. And no, your facial scrub isn't strong enough to do it. Helps aid in growth with stimulation for the hair follicles and exfoliation without the use of growth hormones, chemicals and unnatural ingredients.  Paraben-Free    Phthalate-Free    Gluten-Free
elke® Brow Creme Serum
Reveal lush brows with my Advanced Formula Brow Creme Serum. Ingredients like meadowfoam seed oil and DMAE work to grow hairs fast and naturally. Clients see brows growing more hair at once with visible results in as little as 3 weeks. No chemicals and no growth hormones. Trust us, you deserve this. Advanced Formula  Vegan    Paraben-Free    Phthalate-Free    Gluten-Free
Clean up on brow 7! This is the tweezer I uses on my clients. The pointed slant makes it easy and painless to get individual hairs. Lightweight and super soft tension for perfect control. Just what you need to brow touch-up between appointments.


Our Brow Growth 3 Piece Set comes with

  1. elke® slanted tweezers
  2. Brow Scrub* . Get growing.
  3. Brow Serum** . Enhance it.
  • *Notice results in 2 weeks used twice a day.
  • **Notice results in 3/4 weeks used once a day.
Love these products!!  05/18/15
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Love these products!!
Brow Growth Set: Ready, Set, Grow!  11/25/13
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About a year ago, I purchased Elke’s brow scrub and it was phenomenal: I noticed growth in a period of a few weeks and used every last bit of it. After this success, I decided to purchase the Brow Growth Set and I am just as happy: the kit includes the Brow Scrub, Brow Serum. I use the Brow Serum every night and the Brow Groom each morning before applying brow makeup. The serum has helped with length- but you have to be diligent with this- and the Brow Groom makes my brows softer and easier to manage. With patience and daily maintenance, I have a noticed a difference in the texture and quality of my brows. They are definitely healthier and thicker. Elke, I hope this set is never discontinued, it is brilliant!

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