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Brow Growth 3 Piece Set

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Do damage control with our exclusive Brow Growth Set for thicker, fuller brows. Our Brow Growth Set includes

  • Brow Scrub* To get brows growing faster.
  • Brow Serum* To get more brow growth at once.
  • Brow Smooth To maintain growth.

Brow Scrub


Our all natural vegan Brow Scrub offers an unique, simple way to help aid in brow growth in as little as two weeks. And no, your facial scrub isn't strong enough to do it.

  • Exfoliates dead skin cells under brows.
  • The right consistency to stimulate circulation for lush, smooth brows.
  • Helps aid in growth without the use of growth hormones, chemicals and unnatural ingredients.

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Brow Creme Serum | Advanced Forumla



Our NEW & IMPROVED vegan Brow Creme Serum offers an all natural way to help aid in brow growth without the use of chemicals with results seen in as little as 1-2 weeks. 

  • Uses coconut oil, aloe vera, meadowfoam seed oil and 3x the DMAE to help with skin texture and reveal lush brows.
  • Recommended for those who see very little brow growth.
  • For best results, apply our Brow Creme Serum after using our Brow Scrub.
  • No growth hormones, chemicals or synthetics.
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Brow Smooth


Unruly brows driving you nuts? Our Brow Smooth offers a simple way to tame and get those coarse brows of yours under control.

  • Maintain brows with caster oil.
  • Softens hairs for better manageability over time.
  • Tame coarse, thick and unruly brows.
  • For men & women

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Our Brow Growth 3 Piece Set also comes with our mini brow tools

  1. slanted tweezers + Brow Scrub* . Get growing.
  2. angle brush + Brow Serum** . Enhance it.
  3. mini spoolie + Brow Smooth*** . Maintain it.
  • *Notice results in 2 weeks used twice a day.
  • **Notice results in 3/4 weeks used once a day.
  • ***Maintain with 1-2 times a week usage.
Love these products!!  05/18/15
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Love these products!!
Brow Growth Set: Ready, Set, Grow!  11/25/13
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About a year ago, I purchased Elke’s brow scrub and it was phenomenal: I noticed growth in a period of a few weeks and used every last bit of it. After this success, I decided to purchase the Brow Growth Set and I am just as happy: the kit includes the Brow Scrub, Brow Serum, and Brow Groom. I use the Brow Serum every night and the Brow Groom each morning before applying brow makeup. The serum has helped with length- but you have to be diligent with this- and the Brow Groom makes my brows softer and easier to manage. With patience and daily maintenance, I have a noticed a difference in the texture and quality of my brows. They are definitely healthier and thicker. Elke, I hope this set is never discontinued, it is brilliant!

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How To Apply:

Apply with clean fingers, toothbrush or a Q-Tip in circular motions for 1 minute to clean eyebrows nightly. To remove dead skin and encourage circulation, use for 2/4 weeks. Rinse completely when done. Dissolves easily, without any greasiness. For best results, use nightly to reveal voluminous brows.

How To Apply:

Apply with clean fingers, or our Slant Brush tool directly to the brow hairs and skin. Apply on clean skin after your nightly skin care routine. For best results, use nightly, to reveal voluminous brows. Results can seen in as little as 3-4 weeks.

Elke’s Tip:
We’ve seen great results from our salon clients that used our newest product during our trial period with no reactions or skin sensitivities. Almost everyone saw results in 3/4 weeks with brows growing in areas not seen before with some clients seeing results in 2 weeks when applying both am/pm.

Apply am/pm for softer, smoother brow hair texture before brow makeup. For best results, apply directly to brow hairs with our mini Spoolie Brush after your skin care routine, and before you apply your makeup. Let sink in and then apply your regular eyebrow makeup. Your brows will fall in line and look softer, glossier and well groomed. For both men & women.

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