What’s The Right Brow For You?

If you’re looking for a new “look, don’t think you have to get a complete hair makeover. Try instead a new look for your brows.  


What's The Right Brow For You?

The natural look is actually THE brow trend at the moment, and also the easiest one to keep and maintain.

Think slightly overgrown, slightly messy and very natural looking. It’s Brooke Shields Brow 2.0. This look actually looks better as it grows in. How to get?

Brush your brows up and out to see their natural shape. Are the brow hairs crazy long? Trim them slightly but only the very long ones. The look is actually a longer brow. Once you’ve gotten your brows even, clean up only the strays that are the furthest away from the brow. Keep about 2-3 rows of hair around your actually brow shape. If this feels too messy, then clean up along the tops of the brows for a cleaner look. But keep the messiness underneath.

Next, brush your brow hairs up and into place and with a brow pencil slightly lighter than your hair color, lightly sketch in the sparse areas only. Think hair like strokes. Remember the key here is to have the brow look completely natural.

Try our super popular Precision Brow Pencil. Apply with short quick strokes going in the same direction as your brow growth. Use a spoolie to lightly brush through and blend. Remember, natural is the key.

Finishing touches is a quick application of Brow Fixx in clear to hold brows in place and make them look glossy and healthy. Pair this look with bronzer and a peachy lip and you’re all ready for summer!


What's The Right Brow For You?

The feathery brow is similar to the natural brow, but with a more defined and combed through look. The hairs are perfectly in place and brushed up to achieve a very “feathery” feel.  Brows look thicker, fuller and more textured.

Start by brushing your brows up and out and with a shadow brow pencil, fill in any sparse areas only.  For a fuller feel, you can draw a light line along the bottom of the brow to make the roots looker darker and fuller. Lightly blend upwards with a spoolie brush so it looks like a shadow effect, not a heavy line.

Then, for added texture to the hairs, apply a colored brow gel (try our Brow Fixx Tint & Shaper) going through the whole brow, to create thicker, slightly darker looking hairs. 


What's The Right Brow For You?

The straight brow trend is still going strong. Why? Tt’s official. The dramatic drawn on severe arch is over. In some cultures, a straighter flatter brow is said to create a younger look.

This softer straighter arch looks really good on softer features and bone structures that want to carry off a more dramatic brow.

To soften and bring down your arches, have 1 to 2 rows in the arch grow in. To emphasize with brow makeup, take a soft brow shadow (Day Brow Shadow) and lightly fill in underneath the arch of your brow. Create a shadow like look and go maybe 1-2 rows below your arch. Then apply a clear brow gel through the brow to set in place.