Get Your Brows Summer Ready

Summer is right around the corner. Time to break out the bronzers, pastel eye shadows and bright blushes. For brows? Check out some of my tips below on having flawless fashion-forward brow makeup just in time for summer!   THE GLOSSY EYE & BROW   THE LOOK Glossy makeup is all the rage this season, particularly eyebrows […]

Product Tutorial: Brow Glow

One of my fav brow products is my Brow Glow. Beautiful, elegant, and provides a lot of usage in this one little product. Elke’s Tips On How To Apply: Apply on the brow bone to conceal any pink skin tones and make the brows appear more polished with a soft sheen. Apply our Brow Glow […]

Product Spotlight: Duo Fixx

Our Duo Fixx clear wax pencil is multi-purpose and can easily be used for more than one purpose. Check out Elke’s cool tips below on how to apply and use for lips, eyebrows and other ideas you might not have though of. For Lips: Stops lipstick or lipgloss from feathering or bleeding as an invisible lip liner. […]

Using WonderBrow : Tips & Tricks

I really think the greatest product I have is the Wonderbrow Colored Brow Wax. Why? It’s a skin tint hair tint wax.. Color, fill in, define, darken and tame. All in one. Here are five things you can do with one little pot. All you need is a flat line or an angle brow brush. Let’s […]

This Fall’s Top Brow Trends

In case you’re planning ahead, check out the latest fashion week brow trends that you will see coming this fall. The most visible trends I noticed are: A fuller, thicker brow, continuing from this spring/summer’s trends. Brows are longer in length and being brushed up. Brows are bold yet look very natural. Unmade up brows with […]

My Brow Inspiration Board

There’s nothing like seeing images to get yourself creative again. Any makeup artist will tell you that. Which is probably why we find ourselves pouring magazines. Anything visual will get you thinking outside of the box. Think creative, different, avant guarde.  Want to get inspired? INSPIRATION BOARD Visit my Inspiration Board. A collage of pretty […]

Visit our Brow Trend Board on Pinterest

Need to see the latest brow trends from Fall/Winter ’15 NYFW? Updated daily…. Follow Elke Von Freudenberg . Eyebrow Specialist NYC’s board Brow Trends FW F|W ’15 on Pinterest.

We’re a Fashion Week Must Have!

Our Night Brow Shadow an Brow Tamer Pomade Wax was a Fashion Week Survival Kit Must have.  Thank you to Guest of a Guest for including us. “Have you ever tried to pencil your eyebrows and found yourself looking like Oscar the Grouch? That makes two of us. To avoid bushy, untamed brows, celebrity eyebrow stylist […]

A New Way To Do Your Brows

If you’re growing your brows in (and who isn’t?), here’s a new way to make your brows look fuller and thicker, and natural, all at the same time. One thing I noticed with clients is that they go heavy on the brow pencil, trying to fill in sparse areas, but only end up making their brows […]

Elke’s Growth Products Featured…

  ……on Beauty Is OUR Addiction!   “As I watched my friends, via Social Media, get on board the ZEPHYR Yacht….I knew I would still cover the event even if I wasn’t physically on board! I saw these great gloves that protect your hands from UVA/UVB lights that especially struck a chord with me as I […]