Limited Edition Makeup Collection!

Limited Edition Makeup Collection!

OUR NEWEST MAKEUP COLLECTIONI'm thrilled to be announcing our newest makeup collection! I had so much fun putting this together, with a few favorites along with a few brand new items never before seen.Our first item is our super popular Brow Fixx Mascara in clear. Just a swipe and you've got glossy full brows in place, without any ashy tones or flaking. You can easily build up without worries of the look being too crunchy, which makes it a makeup artist favorite for photo shoot and wedding days. And a little bit of news, the Brow Fixx in Clear was actually the...Read More
The Latest Full Brow Look & Our Newest Brow Sets 1

The Latest Full Brow Look & Our Newest Brow Sets

THE FULL BROW LOOKYep. It's official. The latest trend is the Full Brow Look are here to stay and are the latest brow look. Not only do our newest Brow Sets help create a very non-makeup looking brow, now the trend is to make your brows look as full and natural looking as possible. How to create? Read on on how to create the our special Brow Sets that can help you create the look.....For years that overdone super dark, drawn on with a sharpie look as been the go to for brows. Not anymore. The "instagram brow" is officially...Read More
How To Get Great Natural Looking Brows

How To Get Great Natural Looking Brows | Step by Step Guide

Looking for how to get the  latest and most requested new brow trend?  Check out how to get Great Natural Looking Brows. in my step by step guide!Or to put it simply, a slightly messy brow that looks fuller, thicker, but not a complete mess.How to get them: Your step by step guide. Clients are always surprised how much younger they look with this brow, and the best part? As hairs grow back, it actually looks better and better over time, letting you go longer between appointments as well.Another great bonus to the "messy" brow is that you can get...Read More