Duo Brow Pencil

Duo Brow Pencil New & Improved!

Introducing our newestDuo Brow Pencil!DUO BROW PENCIL REPLACESBROW BLENDER PENCILGOOD TO KNOWOur newest Duo Brow Pencil offers a smooth powdery feel, infused with a trio of waxes for a smooth application.The spoolie brush also grooms the brows as well as blending color to create a natural look.New & Improved! You'll find longer lasting wear and more neutral shades to match your brow color. COMES IN COLORSBLONDEMEDIUM BROWNDARK BROWNELKE'S TIPSI recommend applying your brow pencil in the same direction as the actual brow growth in quick short strokes. Apply only to where it is needed first. The old fashioned apply everything look...Read More
Retractable Brow Pencil

Our newest Retractable Brow Pencil

INTRODUCING OUR NEWEST BROW PENCIL RETRACTABLE BROW PENCIL Our previous Precision Brow Pencil has been updated and improved! Now called Retractable Brow Pencil, with added benefits and more colors to choose from. You can still create perfect hair-like strokes to create a full and defined brow. Plus no sharpener is required; just one twist of the pencil and the tip will always be sharp. The included spoolie is the right firmness to blend color as well as brush hairs into place.  NOW AVAILABLE IN MORE COLORSSIX colors to match any brow color that focus on different skin tones that cater...Read More
straight brows

Achieve fuller thicker brows.

Achieve Fuller Thicker Brows Growing your brows in? Make them look fuller & thicker, plus I have a new way in how to make them look natural, during the process. One thing I noticed with clients that are trying to grow their brows in, is that they go heavy on the brow pencil, trying to fill in sparse areas, but only end up making their brows look heavy, fake and too drawn on. Is that you? Don't worry. I've got a secret for you. Put down the pencil. And try a brow mascara. Colored brow mascara makes light baby fine, still...Read More
The Latest Full Brow Look & Our Newest Brow Sets 1

The Latest Full Brow Look & Our Newest Brow Sets

THE FULL BROW LOOKYep. It's official. The latest trend is the Full Brow Look are here to stay and are the latest brow look. Not only do our newest Brow Sets help create a very non-makeup looking brow, now the trend is to make your brows look as full and natural looking as possible. How to create? Read on on how to create the our special Brow Sets that can help you create the look.....For years that overdone super dark, drawn on with a sharpie look as been the go to for brows. Not anymore. The "instagram brow" is officially...Read More
Achieve the Natural Yet Bold Brow Look - Get the Look

Achieve the Natural Yet Bold Brow Look – Get the Look

If you're looking how to achieve the natural yet bold brow look - look no further. Check out my how to's on how to get it and create your prettiest brow look yet.  To create the natural yet bold look as seen my model Ariana, the easiest way is with 2 products.STEP 1:Apply our Retractable Brow Pencil in a shade slightly darker than your brow color. Here I'm using Precision Brow Pencil in Dark Taupe which is a light ashy brunette. The fine tip of the pencil creates hair like strokes on the skin (and stays on for 10 hours!).The trick...Read More
Brow Guide: Fix Gaps and Holes | Brow Goals Achieved 2

Brow Guide: Fix Gaps and Holes | Brow Goals Achieved

Tired of waiting for you brows to grow in? Are #browgoals on your to do list? Does micro-blading scare the hell out of you (yep, me too... and I see all the bad ones...) See my Brow Guide on how to fix gaps and holes to get to your #browgoals the quick and easy way. Getting to your brow goal has never been easier. Why? Brow products galore. There's so much to choose from in brow products now, that there's literally no excuse to showing off your best brows. Even if growth has decided to slow down, or even stop.....Read More
Debunking Brow Myths: Unveiling Brow Realities for Perfect Brow Perfection 3

Debunking Brow Myths: Unveiling Brow Realities for Perfect Brow Perfection

Getting your brows to brow perfection can take time, resilience and patience. Want to get there faster? Check out my top Brow Myths and Brow Realities.  Myth 1: Everyone is noticing how messy and crazy my brows look during this growing stage. Reality: While the brows are growing, you're looking at them every day, and let me guess. You're looking at them through that magnifying mirror of yours right? Reality? No one else sees them that way but you. And you don't even see them that way when you step away from the mirror. So don't worry. No one else is noticing...Read More