See Elke's Full Brow Tips on 1

See Elke’s Full Brow Tips on

Elke's Full Brow Tips on Youbeauty.comIf you don’t err on the side of full brows, you’ll likely have little left by age 35, and nothing by 50. Why? Repetitive tweezing can lead to permanent hair loss. If you pluck the same hair over and over again, it can cause inflammation that creates scar tissue. The scar tissue acts like cement that won’t allow the follicle to grow anymore, according to New York City dermatologist Marc Avram, M.D., who specializes in hair transplantation and is a professor of dermatology at The Weill-Cornell Medical School.When we’re young, we’re nearly all guilty of...Read More
Do Brow Damage Control With The Right Brow Growth Product 2

Do Brow Damage Control With The Right Brow Growth Product

Whether it's from a bad threading or waxing, or from pulling out too many hairs during the supermodel 90's super thin brow trend. Everyone is trying to get their eyebrows to grow. So what to do? It's time for Brow Damage Control. How? By finding the right brow growth product for you. In all my years of doing brows, I've noticed few things. THICKER DARKER BROWS have an easier time growing back. Why? Their brows are usually the strongest. Just ask the girls from India. Their hair is so strong that wigs are made from their hair. And their eyebrows?...Read More
Elke's Brow Scrub in Beauty Etc. 3

Elke’s Brow Scrub in Beauty Etc.

See what Beauty Etc. had to say about Elke's innovative Brow Scrub: Sometimes, beauty innovation makes me scratch my head, but I know when I see something that can be a game-changer. A little while ago, I was introduced to two nontraditional exfoliators: Elke Brow Scrub and Redken Nature's Rescue Refining Sea Polish.   See, as beauty junkies, we're quite used to scrubbing our skin—the idea being, slough away the dead cells and the new, younger, healthy cells will get their moment to shine on skin's surface. Several exfoliators for body and face exist for this purpose, and even a...Read More