Wonderbrow Colored Brow Wax

Mastering the Art of Finding Your Right Brow Color – Expert Tips

Ever get stumped on finding your right brow color? Here's my quick expert advice on how to finding the perfect brow color for YOUR brows. Ever get stumped when applying brow color because for some reason it just does not look right? There's only 3 reasons why a brow color just does not work. 1. The color is just way too dark. If your color looks too dark when applied, always take a spoolie or mascara wand and blend through to soften the color. If you find yourself blending, blending, blending and it still doesn't look right, the color is probably...Read More
Brow Scrub

Boost Your Brows with the Best Brow Product for Thicker Looking Brows

Tired of waiting for your brows to grow in? You can make it easier. Really. It's all about using the right brow product for thicker looking brows. And luckily, now there's more to choose from than just a brow pencil. So there's no excuse. GROWTH: GET IT STARTEDTo get brow growth, you need to get pro-active. How? Start using a brow serum. Brow serums get brow hairs growing faster, which equals faster results. So don't wait. ELKE'S TIPS: Apply your brow serum day and night, for extra fast results. And yes, you can apply underneath your brow makeup. Our brow serum takes 3...Read More