Achieving Your Brow Resolution: Tips for Thicker, Fuller Brows

So how's YOUR brow resolution going? Is it getting thicker, fuller brows? A better shape? Thicker brows are still the trend, but if you look closely, it's with a new twist.  OUT Gone are the Instagram brows that are drawn on sharp, outlined in concealer and takes about 10 different brow products to get. Too much work if you tell me. And also, a brow that is so drawn on? It usually only looks good in photos. But not so much in real life. What's the next brow trend? You'll see a brow with much longer hairs, with brows no longer...Read More
Enhance Your Brows with a New Technique | A New Way to Do Brows 1

Enhance Your Brows with a New Technique | A New Way to Do Brows

Looking for a new way to enhance your brows? Try this simple way with a new look for your brows in a New technique that's easy to create. Eyebrows are not really the same solid color going through the entire brow. Brows are naturally darker from the beginning of the brow to the arch, and then lighter from the arch towards the ends. Usually the appearance of a darker brow in the front is only because the hairs are thicker and there are more of them so it looks darker. SWITCH YOUR COLOR PLACEMENT For an instant thicker brow look,...Read More