BROW GUIDE: How to Fix Gaps and Holes

Tired of waiting for you brows to grow in? Are #browgoals on your to do list? Does micro-blading scare the hell out of you (yep, me too... and I see all the bad ones...) See my Brow Guide on how to fix gaps and holes to get to your #browgoals the quick and easy way. Getting to your brow goal has never been easier. Why? Brow products galore. There's so much to choose from in brow products now, that there's literally no excuse to showing off your best brows. Even if growth has decided to slow down, or even stop.....Read More
Brow Myths and Brow Realities 1

Brow Myths and Brow Realities

Getting your brows to brow perfection can take time, resilience and patience. Want to get there faster? Check out my top Brow Myths and Brow Realities. Myth 1: Everyone is noticing how messy and crazy my brows look during this growing stage. Reality: While the brows are growing, you're looking at them every day, and let me guess. You're looking at them through that magnifying mirror of yours right? Reality? No one else sees them that way but you. And you don't even see them that way when you step away from the mirror. So don't worry. No one else is noticing...Read More
The New Spring Eyebrow 2

The New Spring Eyebrow

Yep. It's here. The new spring eyebrow. It's spring, the weather is getting warmer and it's time for a new eyebrow. Think of it as spring cleaning so to speak. A new look, an easier approach to brows. Just in case you forgot. Here's the old.Too heavy. Too dark. Too done. Just too drawn on. It's official. This is now outdated.What's new? It's feathered. It's lighter. It's natural. It's thicker.It's not drawn on. It's not made up looking. The brows look more natural, grown in more for a slightly messier look. You see hairs growing in below the brows. How...Read More