Achieve Brow Goals at Home - Tips for Growing Your Eyebrows 1

Achieve Brow Goals at Home – Tips for Growing Your Eyebrows

With being quarantined at home, plucking your brows all off is not something that is going to happen. Why? Stepping away and getting your brows to grow in should be the goal! And it's the perfect time to do this. It's the perfect time to get your brow goals at home. 1. Let Them Grow Why? NO ONE is going to notice. No one will see what your brows are doing, other than you and that's perfect! It's hands off time! You've got the time. Now there's no every 2 weeks threading or waxing appointment to get in your way....Read More
Enhance Your Brows with Elke's Brow Tips on 2

Enhance Your Brows with Elke’s Brow Tips on

Elke's Brow Tips as seen on Youbeauty.comIf you don’t err on the side of full brows, you’ll likely have little left by age 35, and nothing by 50. Why? Repetitive tweezing can lead to permanent hair loss. If you pluck the same hair over and over again, it can cause inflammation that creates scar tissue. The scar tissue acts like cement that won’t allow the follicle to grow anymore, according to New York City dermatologist Marc Avram, M.D., who specializes in hair transplantation and is a professor of dermatology at The Weill-Cornell Medical School.When we’re young, we’re nearly all guilty...Read More