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Top Beauty Trends for Spring 2021

So what are the top beauty trends for Spring 2021?  With 2021 in full force, there seems to be a change in the air. A newer, fresher look is on it's way for spring/summer 2021. With the country still wearing the covid-19 masks, the focus definitely changed from a full face of makeup, to everything that is above the nose. Hence, the eyes and the brows became the stars of beauty. So in 2012, what can we look forward to? 1. GLOWING Skin With do it yourself skin care making way, a glowy dewy skin is a top look, with...Read More
Get Your Brow Goals At Home 1

Get Your Brow Goals At Home

With being quarantined at home, plucking your brows all off is not something that is going to happen. Why? Stepping away and getting your brows to grow in should be the goal! And it's the perfect time to do this. It's the perfect time to get your brow goals at home. 1. Eyebrows . Let Them Grow Why? NO ONE is going to notice. No one will see what your brows are doing, other than you and that's perfect! It's hands off time! You've got the time. Now there's no every 2 weeks threading or waxing appointment to get in...Read More
Step by Step Brow Guide: How To Get Great Natural Looking Brows 2

Step by Step Brow Guide: How To Get Great Natural Looking Brows

The latest and most requested new brow trend is "Great Natural Looking Brows." Or to put it simply, a slightly messy brow that looks fuller, thicker, but not a complete mess.How to get them: Your step by step guide. Clients are always surprised how much younger they look with this brow, and the best part? As hairs grow back, it actually looks better and better over time, letting you go longer between appointments as well.Another great bonus to the "messy" brow is that you can get away with little to no brow makeup.. perfect for hot sweltering days in the...Read More

How’s Your Brow Resolution Going?

So how's YOUR brow resolution going? Is it getting thicker, fuller brows? A better shape? Thicker brows are still the trend, but if you look closely, it's with a new twist.  OUT Gone are the Instagram brows that are drawn on sharp, outlined in concealer and takes about 10 different brow products to get. Too much work if you tell me. And also, a brow that is so drawn on? It usually only looks good in photos. But not so much in real life. What's the next brow trend? You'll see a brow with much longer hairs, with brows no longer...Read More