Get Kendall Jenner's Brows with Expert Tips by Elke - Bravo's Look Book 1

Get Kendall Jenner’s Brows with Expert Tips by Elke – Bravo’s Look Book

Check out Bravo TV's Look Book as they get my take on how to get Kendall Jenner's brows with the new straight brow look.Kendall Jenner’s Brows Will Make You Look YoungerThe new "it brow" is straighter and fuller.BY ALLISON SCHMIDT We readily admit to being Kardashian/Jenner super fans. From TiVo-ing the early KUWTKdays to sending most texts with a Kimoji, our fan game for all the girls is strong. But, we’ve always loved Kendall’s chic style and flawless makeup in particular. And these days, she’s been sporting a straighter, fuller brow that's entirely different from her sisters’ style.In good company with other eyebrow standouts like Cara Delevingne, Keira...Read More