Elke Shares Microblading Red Flags | New Beauty Magazine 1

Elke Shares Microblading Red Flags | New Beauty Magazine

Elke shares microblading red flags and what to look for in Microblading for brows in New Beauty.  If you see any of these red flags, you may want to stay away. 10 Red Flags to Watch for Before Trying Microblading Liz Ritter , Executive Editor | Photo Credits: Getty Images | Model Used for Illustrative Purpose Only It’s not exactly news that microblading is BIG. The “permanent-makeup-with-a-fine-tuned-twist” method uses 3-D hair strokes (yes, it’s technically a tattoo-meets-semi-permanent-makeup) to create the look of fuller brows—but, as many experts warn, it’s not without it’s blunders. “The use of hand tools is the oldest form...Read More
Boost Brow Growth & Exfoliation: Elke's Interview with New Beauty Magazine 2

Boost Brow Growth & Exfoliation: Elke’s Interview with New Beauty Magazine

Check out Elke's interview with NewBeauty.com on brow growth & brow exfoliation. It’s no secret that thick brows are in. But, could skipping a simple skin care step on this specific area of the face be what’s standing in between you and the bold look? According to celebrity eyebrow specialist, Elke Von Freudenberg, it is. “Exfoliation on the brow area not only removes dead skin under the hairs, but can also help with hair growth by stimulation and giving circulation to the hair follicle,” she says. “It’s the same premise as brushing your hair every day. The more circulation to the hair,...Read More
New Beauty Linda Evangista

New Beauty: Elke shares Linda Evangalista’s Brow Icon Look

Did you see in New Beauty? Elke shares Linda Evangelista's Brow Icon look. "Linda's brows are perfectly balanced in that they bring attention to her eyes, which is what eyebrows should do," says celebrity eyebrow specialist, Elke Von Freudenberg.  "Now that she's older, she has more of an arch but keeps the thickness in check and also matches the color of her brow to her hair color."