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Mastering the Art of Brow Care: How to Save Your Brows

So when you're trying to get your brows to look better in the meantime, here's how to save your brows with these little fixes to make them look a lot better in the process. In the process of making your eyebrows look better while growing in, it's the little things that make a difference. Remember, it's what you keep that matters, not what you take off. HOW DO YOU CLEAN UP YOUR BROWS WHEN YOU'RE TRYING TO GROW THEM IN?To make your overly tweezed eyebrows look better, try by just trimming them. Put the tweezers down and see which hairs are...Read More
Get Thicker Brows With Only 1 Brow Essential - Wonderbrow Brow

Get Thicker Brows With Only 1 Brow Essential – Wonderbrow Brow

If ever you're looking for a way to get thicker brows with only 1 brow essential, no further. If you're looking to get thicker brows, it means that you have sparse brows.  I see them all the time. From over-plucking, a bad wax or threading job, or just brow growth that has slowed down with age (yes, sigh. It does happen..) No fear. You can get thicker brows, with just 1 brow essential. The key is, which one?Yes, it can be a little overwhelming, as to what to buy. What works? What's best for MY brows? Don't worry. Ideally, you only...Read More

Achieving Your Brow Resolution: Tips for Thicker, Fuller Brows

So how's YOUR brow resolution going? Is it getting thicker, fuller brows? A better shape? Thicker brows are still the trend, but if you look closely, it's with a new twist.  OUT Gone are the Instagram brows that are drawn on sharp, outlined in concealer and takes about 10 different brow products to get. Too much work if you tell me. And also, a brow that is so drawn on? It usually only looks good in photos. But not so much in real life. What's the next brow trend? You'll see a brow with much longer hairs, with brows no longer...Read More
Achieve Thicker Looking Brows | Step by Step Guide 1

Achieve Thicker Looking Brows | Step by Step Guide

Here's my Step by Step Guide, on how to get thicker looking brows, by creating the illusion of as you grow yours in. With the thicker brow fast becoming THE brow staple, I get asked all the time how to make brows look thicker. Here are my editorial makeup tricks to creating the illusion of thicker, fuller brows in the meantime, while you're growing them in. Step by step... these steps are done in order, so just do one at a time. Goal: make brows appear thicker.. think of it as an optical illusion. Not quite there yet? Go to...Read More