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Essential Tips for Keeping Brows Neat Between Shapings

Our brows never look better than when they are freshly shaped, but if we want that perfect arch to last for as long as possible, what do we do? Here are some of my favorite tips on how to keep brows neat between shapings.   1. Stay away from the arch.   Consider it the “no-tweeze zone.” Why? A lot of mistakes can happen here.  Only pluck the strays that grow between your brows and in the area far below the brow. Tip: If the hair is touching the brow in any way? Don't touch. If it's far away from...Read More
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Is It Better to Tweeze, Wax or Thread?

As an eyebrow specialist, I get asked this question all the time. "Is It Better to Tweeze, Wax or Thread?" If my clients were asked, you would get 90% of them requesting tweezing. Why? They've had such bad threading and waxing jobs in the past, that they just don't trust it anymore. From way too thin brows, to the ends being taken off, not to mention getting uneven brows, it's a never ending list of eyebrow don'ts.They say that threading removes the hair without irritation to the skin, plus removing at the root makes the hair grow in weaker and...Read More