Tutorial: The Night Brow

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elke™ : night brow shadows

elke™ : night brow shadow color swatches

Don’t think you have to be stuck with one brow color. Do something a little glamorous for night. How? By using our specially designed Night Brow Shadows, to glamorize and accessorize your brows for night. Soft shimmers accentuate your brows at night for a subtle, yet sexy look. Shown left: Night Brow Shadows For

  • Blonde : Wanna
  • Auburn : Big Time
  • Light-Medium Brown : Hot Pants
  • Dark Brown-Black : Sin City

Here’s my Step by Step Guide, to creating your night brow. 1. Glamorous Brows: Night Brow Shadow Apply your Night Brow Shadow exactly like you would your Day Brow Shadow.

elke™ : Night Brow Shadows

shown left to right: for blondes / warm brunettes / redheads / dark brown-black

Using the MULTI TASK BRUSH (shown right) using the flat brush, apply the Night Brow throughout the brow. Want to be dramatic? Apply with a damp brush for a stronger effect. You can go through the entire brow or just where needed.   2. Get Creative: Day Brow Shadow You can multi task with our Day Brow Shadow as well.

  • Take your day brow shadow and apply first, then apply our Night Brow Shadow top for a dramatic look.
  • Or get creative. Use our Night Brow in the front of the brow, from beginning to arch, and then our Day Brow shadow from arch towards the end.
  • Or reverse it: Day Brow in the front, Night Brow at the end.
  • My favorite? Go through with your Day brow throughout the brow. Then, just along the bottom of the brows, apply a thin line of Night Brow as a line going from front to ends. A line of glitter that’s subtle, yet pretty.

elke™ day brow shadows

  elke™ Brow Spoolie Brush 3. Brush Through:The Right Tools Spoolie Brow Mascara Brush Multi Task Brush Blend your Night Brow Shadow. Brush through with our super soft spoolie brush to blend, and soften until you get the color and look you
like. Using the MULTI TASK BRUSH (shown right) using the flat brush, apply the Night Brow throughout the brow.     4. Highlight those arches: Hi-Light Shadow elke : brow highlighter

  • Sugar : A 3-d pearlized white
  • White Star : A glittery soft-white
  • Canary : A shimmering golden yellow highlight
  • Cyber Glow :A frosted golden yellow with sparkles

To emphasize the look of your brows, apply a lighter hi-light shadow underneath your brows, to define and highlight your brow shape. With a fluff side of the MULTI TASK BRUSH, apply directly underneath the brow, and blend down and out on the brow bone. Elke’s Tip: Apply Hi-Lights wet for a very intense look.

Brow Highlight Shadows

The Finished Look Your Night Brow can be as dramatic or as subtle as you want. Change your brow color by mixing and matching with different BROW PENCILS on top of your NIGHT BROW SHADOW to custom create. Or skip the pencil all together for a softer look. It’s your choice how glamorous you want to be!