Top Beauty Trends for Spring 2021

So what are the top beauty trends for Spring 2021? 

With 2021 in full force, there seems to be a change in the air. A newer, fresher look is on it’s way for spring/summer 2021.

With the country still wearing the covid-19 masks, the focus definitely changed from a full face of makeup, to everything that is above the nose. Hence, the eyes and the brows became the stars of beauty.

So in 2012, what can we look forward to?


With do it yourself skin care making way, a glowy dewy skin is a top look, with or without a mask. My favorite trick? If I have a long walk or run coming up, I prep my skin with a glowing face serum for a mini skin treat during my treak. Fitness and skin goals accomplished all in one. Fav? 

SUNDAY RILEY C.E.O Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil

Gorgeous glow and great skin benefits that you see pretty much instantly.

2. Think TEXTURE For Fuller Brows

Yes, full thick brows have been in for a while, but this year it’s different.

Think slightly messy, longer brows. A little un-kept. A little messy. 

How to get? 

  • First, let them grow a bit if you haven’t already.

  • Clean up ONLY the super super low growth underneath the brows.

  • Step away from the scissors. NO trimming.

Next, think Colored Brow Mascaras hint: my Brow Fixx. (Fibers in it makes new growth and thinner finer hairs look thicker and fuller.)

In other words, 

  • no shadow

  • no pencil

Apply to the whole brow. Let dry. Brush through with a clean spoolie brush. Viola. Quick fuller, messy brows.

fuller messy brows


With a mask covering up pretty much off of your face, think different when it comes to eye makeup.

Think color, whether pastel or bright. Think placement: either everywhere or just in 1 spot (a light line of light blue eyeliner can look really pretty with just mascara added.)

Top Beauty Trends for Spring 2021 2
Top Beauty Trends for Spring 2021 3
Top Beauty Trends for Spring 2021 4
Top Beauty Trends for Spring 2021 5

4. It's A New Brow Shape

Which brow shapes will rule in 2021?

Because it’s definitely a new brow shape coming in.

As in a

softer, lower arch

a straighter look to the brow

a more youthful brow

How to get? AVOID taking so much hairs out of the arch underneath. And create a softer, straight line, by taking 1-2 hairs off the top of the arch on the top of the brow. 

Top Beauty Trends for Spring 2021 6
Top Beauty Trends for Spring 2021 7