Top Brow Trends From NYFW 2017

Curious what the top brow trends might be for the upcoming Fall/Winter months ahead? NYFW is showing that a made up brow is finally over and done with. So what should be your #browgoals ?

Top Brow Trends


Top Brow Trends


The Messy Brow

Yep. The messy brow is still in. Grown in, especially along the bottom of the brows in the arch.

How to get? Put away the tweezers, wax and thread for a few months and by fall, you should have the look.

Don’t feel like it has to be overboard. An extra row or two will give you that look but with a softer edge.

Top Brow Trends

Top Brow Trends

The Lined Brow

The most eyebrow makeup I saw was what I call the “over the top” eyebrow look. Eyebrows weren’t filled with completely, just along the tops of the brows. Here you can see at , pencil is drawn along the tops from beginning to end with a sharp edge. Try this look at home, but blend a touch with a soft spoolie brush for a more wearable version. Or you can even have them tinted this way for a 3/4 week commitment to the look.

Top Brow Trends

The Elegant Brow

The most elegant brow I saw was a slightly messy brow grown in, but still cleaned up a touch.

The finishing touch? Brows are brushed up either just in the fronts or along the entire brow.

How to get? Avoid trimming the brows to get them long and brush up with a strong brow wax to keep in place. Brow gels aren’t strong enough to get it to stay. Try mixing both together for a stronger finish. Brush on your brow first and then set with you clear brow gel.

Brow Product Must Haves

So what to have in your brow makeup arsenal for this fall/winter?


  • Natural looking brows ala Brooke Shields is still it.

  • Longer brows to brush up.

  • Think even fuller and thicker.


  • The stenciled look

  • Too dark brow shadow or pencil

  • Heavily made up brows

  • Too dark brows