Top Brow Trends To Try For Fall 2017

Getting for fall yet? Whenever a new season comes around, we think of hair and fashion. But brows? Yep. Brows are a major beauty trend still going strong, and this fall, get ready for something new. Are you ready?


Yep. Still going strong.

What’s changing? It’s strong yet soft. Pencils are out, using brow powders with a light touch is in.

Take Pat McGrath’s brow for Loewe. Bold yet soft with brow powder touches to create a shadow effect. And of course in Pat’s artistic way, she used 3 different brow powders to create a soft gradation and fill effect that’s blended and soft.


Brows are being brushed up going through the entire brow. Can’t get your brows to stay that way? It’s not really your brow gel. It could be your brows. If they grow sideways or down, they’ll be really hard to get to try to stay up.

Top Brow Trends To Try For Fall 2017 2

Try this brow trick to get them staying in place. Apply your brow pomade on your brows first, and then brush through your brow gel on top. Check out my video on YouTube that shows you exactly how to get.


You’ve heard of eye liner. Now there’s Brow Liner. The new look is drawing a brow pencil  along the tops of the brows to create a line. Much like applying your eyeliner above your lashes. Nice part is you can go as soft or as dramatic as you want.

Top Brow Trends To Try For Fall 2017 3

Take your brow pencil the same shade as your brow for a softer look, or one that’s 1-2 shades darker for a more dramatic feel.


Well, not really no brows. Just brows with no brow makeup what-so-ever. What’s needed here? A fuller, longer brow. How to get? Avoid trimming your brows and cleaning up your brows underneath.  Once your brows get to that messy crazy stage, get yourself to a brow pro who can slightly trim and clean up the bare minimum. The whole feel is uber natural.

Top Brow Trends To Try For Fall 2017 4