The Latest Full Brow Look & Our Newest Brow Sets 1

The Latest Full Brow Look & Our Newest Brow Sets

THE FULL BROW LOOKYep. It's official. The latest trend is the Full Brow Look are here to stay and are the latest brow look. Not only do our newest Brow Sets help create a very non-makeup looking brow, now the trend is to make your brows look as full and natural looking as possible. How to create? Read on on how to create the our special Brow Sets that can help you create the look.....For years that overdone super dark, drawn on with a sharpie look as been the go to for brows. Not anymore. The "instagram brow" is officially...Read More
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Achieve the Perfect Summer Brow – Expert Tips and Techniques

Summer is right around the corner. Time to break out the bronzers, pastel eye shadows and bright blushes. THE SUMMER BROW? Check out some of my tips below on how to get perfect, flawless summer brows. THE TEXTURED BOLD BROW THE LOOK The days of sharply drawn-on, overly darkened brows are finally over. The natural thick brow is IN! The messier or longer the hairs, the better! The trick is to get the hairs you have to stand out more. The easiest way is with a brow mascara. Do a light coat through the brow , let dry and then brush off...Read More
Discover the Beauty of the New Spring Eyebrow

Discover the Beauty of the New Spring Eyebrow

Yep. It's here. The new spring eyebrow. It's spring, the weather is getting warmer and it's time for a new eyebrow. Think of it as spring cleaning so to speak. A new look, an easier approach to brows. Just in case you forgot. Here's the old.Too heavy. Too dark. Too done. Just too drawn on. It's official. This is now outdated.What's new? It's feathered. It's lighter. It's natural. It's thicker.  It's not drawn on. It's not made up looking. The brows look more natural, grown in more for a slightly messier look. You see hairs growing in below the brows. How...Read More
How You Should Do Your Brows For Fall.

How you should do your brows for fall. Embrace Thicker, Fuller, and Natural-Looking Brows

How You Should Do Your Brows For Fall. Think a thicker, fuller, yet more natural looking brow. A fall brow is thick and bold but with a twist. This is how you should you do your brows for fall.   THE FALL BROW Brows are still full and thick. Brows are filled in with makeup but with a more natural look. The brow bone has a soft sheen highlight. Brows are grown in, for a more textured look. Brows are thicker from the arch to the ends for a thicker overall appearance. Brows are brushed up. Brows are extended and...Read More
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THE ULTIMATE GUIDE | Achieve Gorgeous Natural Brows – Expert Tips, Techniques & Trends

If you're looking to achieve gorgeous natural brows, you're in luck with my expert tips. The trend of brows right now are natural, fuller, thicker.Gone are the overly drawn, block eyebrows.THE OLD LOOK: Now? The more natural looking the better. THE NEW LOOK: So, if you're more of a natural brow girl, you'll be happy to hear that naturally full thick brows looks like it's going to stay trending for a while now. And if your brows are on the thinner side, don't worry. Here are some brow tricks you can do.Here's a quick, as in super quick way to get your brows...Read More
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Discover the Hottest 2013 Fall Brow Trends at NY Fashion Week

Check out the latest from the NY Fashion Week Shows for the 2013 Fall Brow Trends. And it looks like thick and bold brows are THE look for this upcoming season.Trends:Brows are full and thick.Brows are darkened with brow shadow.Brows are lined with sharp edges to the brow line, both under and above the brow.Brow bone is kept matte.Brows are showing signs of growing in, thicker, fuller, and more of a feathered look. hint: this will be the look for next spring.TO DO: Use a darker version of your brow powder to create a more dramatic brow.Keep brow powder dry...Read More
Extreme Fall Brow Trends | Thicker, Darker Brows for Impact 3

Extreme Fall Brow Trends | Thicker, Darker Brows for Impact

While we all know that the latest trend in strong, thick and darker brows are in, but leave it to the runways to come up with a different version of a brow. Whether or not it catches on with the public is another story, but it does give you a glimpse as to what may possible be to come; brow wise that is in the next few years. And while runway always shows the extreme, softer versions of the trends trickle down to a more wearable version about 4 to 5 years after you see in on the runway. Looking...Read More
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The Strong Brow Trend Continues: Vera Wang’s Spring 2011 Collection

Just another confirmation that the strong brow is still strong for spring, and will be big for a while. Just check out the Spring 2011 Collection of Vera Wang from NYC Fashion Week.INSPIRATION/ THEME/ UNIQUE TIP:Lucia Pieroni, the Color Creator of the Clé de Peau Beauté makeup line shared that the makeup look for the Spring 2011 Vera Wang Collection was inspired by the glamorous and candlelit nuances found in the movie In The Mood For Love. The goal was to create a soft, romantic look that made a breathtaking impact.“The key to this ethereal look is the play on...Read More