Silhouette Debuts at Fashion Week

While we had the honor to work with Silhouettes during their Fashion’s Night Out Event, shaping the brows of those who came to view and choose from their latest collection of eyewear, Silhouettes had the honor of debuting at Fashion Week as well.

The eyewear brand partnered with world class fashion designer Diego Binetti to reveal and celebrate their newest and iconic Silhouette eyewear.

The Spring 2011 Binetti collection is inspired by the beauty of the natural world. We collaborated with Silhouette eyewear for our most recent fashion presentation because they understand how to enhance a woman’s natural beauty, which is a reflection of our brand’s beliefs,” explained Diego Binetti. ”

Rimless Silhouette masterpieces featured in Binetti’s Spring 2011 fashion presentation included:

· Titan Minimal Art – Silhouette’s most esteemed collection and an award-winning icon of timeless design. It is the world’s lightest eyewear that revolutionized the industry by forgoing everything that is typical of conventional eyewear – namely rimmed frames, hinges and screws.

· Titan Minimal Art Special Edition – Created in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Titan Minimal Art, this collection boasts unique, retro futuristic lens shapes of a deliberately generous size that feature a special coating to create a soft gold or silver sheen.

· Dreamwings Sun – This Silhouette model, available in the U.S. in November 2010, offers intelligent sun protection and features minimalistic titanium temples transformed into an elegant, floating shape.

We had the chance to try on and see the eyewear first hand, and let’s just say that they are gorgeous. If you’re needing glasses, you just have to check these out. The rimless beauty of these really make your eyes (and ahem; eyebrows!) stand out! Just beautiful.