So much to be thankful for…..


Thanksgiving again, has come so fast. It seems to get here faster and faster every year doesn’t it? But for some reason, this year, I look back and I can’t even begin to express.

I’m thankful for my mom & sister, and for feeling the presence still of my beloved daddy. I’m thankful for friends who have been by my side through everything. I’m thankful for this amazing business I’m in. Being able to help with a simple thing called eyebrows. 😉

But I’m the most thankful for you. My clients. I really owe my thanks to my amazing clients. Without, I feel I wouldn’t really have much. I thank you, for putting a smile on my face every day, for letting me help you. For trusting me and for not only being a client, but a friend.

I’m thankful for so so much. I’m thankful for you.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.elke