SPRING MAKEUP TREND: The Strong Eyebrow.

Spring Makeup Trend

The Strong Eyebrow.



Yep, the strong eyebrow is here to stay. Even for the upcoming fall collections, the eyebrow was getting thicker and darker. But that’s the runway. Here in the real world, we’ll keep it more wearable looking, ok?

Now if you’re new to the strong eyebrow look, it can be a bit daunting, but it just might grow on you.

The How To’s

First of all, look at the eyebrows you’ve got. Going from a light blonde eyebrow to a dark brown is not the trend. Going 1/2 shades darker than YOUR eyebrow shade is. The trick is to use a shadow, not a pencil. Take a eyebrow shadow or a regular eye shadow color that looks exactly your like your eyebrow hair color.

TIP: The shadow will always look darker on.


Shown: Top to bottom:

Elke’s Brow Collection:

Day Brow Shadows: $20

  • Dark Brunette (for darker skin, and black brows.
  • Blonde: For blonde brows.
  • Ash Brown: For medium to dark brown brows.
  • Auburn: For red brows.

Draw your shadow on with a soft, super thin angle brush.  Draw your shadow line at the bottom line or edge of your eyebrow and then blend up into the brow. Then with a clean eyebrow brush, brush through so the shadow blends into your skin, looking more natural. The more you brush, the softer the brow will look.

The key to making this trend work is keeping the rest of the face clear of color and making the brows the focal point of the whole look.  Keep the rest of your makeup in nude tones to make a strong statement.