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Skin Essentials


Certified Model Brow® Salon, Kansas, Kansas Certified Salon


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Skin Essentials offers a variety of other services including  cosmetics, hair removal, professional therapeutic massage and we are well known for our eyebrow design skills  When caring for the skin we take the health of the entire person into consideration not just the surface appearance of the skin. Our treatments enhance beauty and encourage healthful aging through facials, as well as diet and lifestyle factors. Our staff will educate you in makeup artistry, skincare, waxing, sugaring and brow design techniques, holistic health, and body care.

Elke Von Freudenberg’s famous Model Brow® Service specializes in a Complete Brow Consultation & Service, explaining the process every step of the way to help you grow in and maintain your best brow shape with a No Stencil approach. Brows are fixed, reshaped and balanced with a combination of waxing and tweezing.

The service ends with a light brow makeup and brow highlight. The Model Brow Service starts at $23 and the price may vary slightly with each expert. 


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