Men: Get Perfectly Groomed Brows.

We had to laugh a little when we saw this article from COED Magazine on “How To Manscape Your Brows.” While it was mostly from the mini unibrow photos that were included at the end of the article, we also noted some of tips that they gave that we wanted to update a bit for you.

Waxing is definitely the best choice for most men, but if you’re not comfortable heading to the spa for that wax, many barber shops are perfectly equipped to help manage your brow. If you feel the need to stay at home and save a few bucks, here’s how to wax your eyebrows from the comfort of your own bathroom:

While most men prefer waxing, just be sure that you don’t get a dreaded “square” eyebrow from the brows being waxed in a straight line. Men’s brows are supposed to be groomed, but messy looking with a very slight arch. Too much arch and it looks too drastic, too little and you can get the straight brow. We prefer doing both a wax to clean up stray hairs and tweezing to make the brows ‘messy’ and more natural looking for our male clients.

Step 1– Prep Make sure the eyebrows are clean, and brushed (a small toothbrush works). Then apply a little witch hazel or Vaseline to the eyebrow to prevent irritation and bruising of the skin underneath.

Apply the witch hazel, but avoid the Vaseline unless you want to break out afterwards….

Step 2Wax You can purchase waxing kits at any drugstore at any price (do not use Nair). Once you have warmed the wax (as directed on the kit’s box), apply a thin layer of wax to the hair you wish to remove. Than cover with a removal strip and wait a few moments for the wax to harden.

Yes we definitely agree on the ‘do not use Nair’ comment. Nair is much too harsh and cause a chemical burn on the skin if left on too long. So best to avoid on the face completely. For waxing itself, apply a very small amount and remove a very small amount at a time. The thicker the wax you apply, and/or the larger the area, the more it will hurt. Trust us.

Step 3- Pull Pull the removal strip in the opposite direction of hair growth .

To get hairs to grab better, apply a small amount of baby powder first on dry skin. Then your wax. Then remove. The wax will offer a soft layer between skin and wax and helps the wax to adhere to the hairs.

Step 4- Clean Up Inspect the area and pluck any remaining hairs. After you admire the new you in the mirror, apply a bit of moisturizer to sooth the red area. You’re Done!

Avoid the moisturizer or sunscreen, or any lotion or cream on the waxed area. Instead apply witch hazel to soothe, or aloe vera gel. You’ll avoid those nasty bumps that you might get 2/3 days later.

To avoid any goof ups? Get your brows done by a pro first, and then maintain with light tweezing on your own between visits. Experts are able to trim long hairs and even thin out too bushy brows so that they don’t look too thick or heavy. The goal is to make your brows look groomed, not done.

*If you’ve gone ahead and waxed without following these instructions don’t fret, Sharpie makes a wide variety of pens and markers for every touch of job.

We truly hope you realize this is a joke. A sharpie will not improve or fix a botched up wax job. But the thought of it did make us laugh….

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