Super Cool Hair Removal Facts Even We Didn’t Know

No, we’re not going to take the credit for knowing all these hair facts. We’re crediting our beauty bible, (aka Allure Magazine) for passing on these little hair removal tidbits that even we didn’t know.


Read on…..

30,000 B.C.: Cave paintings and such show shaving dating back to this era with the finds of shells, shark teeth and volcanic glass as ‘shaving’ tools.

800-1200: Japanese women began removing their eyebrows.

1869: A battery-owered needle was used to remove ingrown (ouch!) eyelashes. Could this be the first electrolysis device?

19th Century: Women were advised to remove facial hair with a plaster mixture spread on leather, laid on skin and ‘pulled off suddenly‘. Waxing was born.

1915: A new hair removal tool, the razor is introduced by Milady.

1917: 1 million Milady razors sold.

1964: 98% of american women under 44 shaved their legs in 1964. Before World Word I? No american women did. (really?)

1986: The Epilady emerges.

200: The number of bikini waxes the J Sisters Salon in NYC does daily.

2005: Steve Carell has his chest partially waxed in The 40 Year Old Virgin. And yes, it was real and done in one take. Ouch! (hint: watch carefully to see the guys behind him trying really hard not to crack up… )