The Model Brow : Updated : #1

The Model Brow : Updated : from an Eyebrow Expert.

As an eyebrow expert, I’ve seen really good brows and really bad brows. Eyebrows for some reason just don’t seem to fall in between these two categories. But we all want amazing eyebrows. Why? They literally can change the bone structure of your face, giving you what I call a mini-face life. Right before your eyes.

I’ve worked on some of the top models from major modeling agencies in New York and Los Angeles such as Elite, Next, Wilhelmina and Ford, and perfect eyebrows are very important. So when designing, or just tweaking a new brow look for yourself, what can you do to ensure perfect model brows?

Eyebrow Tip : Define Your Style

1. There are a lot of makeup artists that will tell you that brows don’t fall into makeup trends because they don’t change too much. While that may be true, brows definitely show the era you’re in by the style of brow you’re seeing on the face. Just look at

Greta Garbo in the 40’s,


Brook Shields in the 80’s,


and the sharply arched brows of the supermodels in the 90’s,


You definitely know what era you’re in by looking at the eyebrows. So brow shapes do change, but not as fast as makeup trends.

The Model Brow Tip:

Don’t go too extreme with the trends. Super thin or super thick eyebrows come and go quickly. Go for a happy medium. That way you can easily adapt your look without going through the painful growing out stages that never really seem to grow out anyway. So look at your shape and alter slightly from there. Don’t go from one extreme to the other, like too thick to too thin. You’ll just regret it, (kinda like going from long hair to really short.)

Instead go with the line of the eyebrow and adapt to your shape. The line of the brow is the actual line or shape you’re seeing from start to end at the bottom of the brow. Is it rounded? More straight To adjust the line of the brow, just adjust on the bottom of the brow. Make the line sharper, straighter… or curve the line a bit.

Is thick in? Fill in brows a row thicker with pencil and powder and you can fake it till it grows in Is thin in? Just tweeze 1-2 rows… don’t go too much… Adjust slightly and you can get your brows back in style.