Summer Trend: The Strong Brow

Need proof that the stronger, thicker, made up brow is in? Check out the dark brow trends for Fall 2009 as seen on the runways of DKNY | CALVIN KLEIN | HERVE LEGER.


Calvin Klein




Herve Leger

Yes, the strong brow trend that started with the Spring Collections, is moving on towards fall.  Paired with a lighter lip and an almost nude face makes THE STRONG BROW take center stage, in one of the strongest looks of the season. For the first time in years, the brow is now a strong focal point in your new Makeup Look.


The easy way is to create a stronger brow with a BROW SHADOW that’s 1-2 shades darker than your own brow color. With a flat or angle brush, brush the brows straight up (this is key!). Look at the brow line and draw a straight line along the bottom of the brow from the beginning to the arch of the brow. Then blend up with a brow brush into the brow.  Then whatever is left on the brush, apply along the middle of the brow from arch towards the end. On most brows, doing just this step with a darker brow is enough to create a stronger brow look.


shown top to bottom:

  • Dark Brunette
  • Blonde
  • Ash Brown
  • Auburn

For a stronger brow, I’ve been playing with our Dark Brunette Brow Shadow on myself to create a stronger brow and really am liking it. Though I usually use the  Ash Brown Day Brow for a day time look, (great for light to medium brown brow) I like the dramatic look of the darker brow for a new twist.

If you feel you’re needing more, brush the tops of your brows down, and look at the line of the brow. Then take your brow shadow and draw a straight line along the top of the brow from the beginning of the brow towards the arch with a angle or straight liner brush.  Blend down into the brow.

Brow Pencils

If you want to create a darker version of your brows with the brow shadow you have, take a darker brow pencil and fill in with pencil first, then apply your brow shadow on top of it to custom create your brow color.  Try Taupe Brow Pencil for light brows, and our Earth Brown for darker brows.


The thinner and shorter the angle or liner brush is, the easier it is to draw a straight line on your brows.

foto: mercedes benz fashion week