Things to look out for when threading.


Threading is all the rage right now and the newest way to get your eyebrows groomed and looking sharp, but like with anything, there are pros and cons. And the things I’m seeing with my clients are things that you should be aware of if you’re looking to get your brows in threaded.

1. Brows get thinner and thinner with every visit.
This is the most common complaint that I hear from clients that say that with every visit, their threader goes thinner and thinner even though it’s specifically expressed not to.  After awhile, you end up with way thinner brows, that needs to get on the growing track again, rather than great looking eyebrows every time.

2.  Brows get uneven and distorted.
While I see this with bad waxing jobs as well, when the brows get uneven, that’s when a major fix is needed. What’s uneven? When the two brows are looking completely different, as in one is curved, and the other one is straight, or one brow is higher on the face than the other.  This usually happens when your brows are being worked on from the side, rather than the technician working at you looking directly at the front of your face.

3. Skin around the brows get bright red.
I’ve seen this a few times, and it took awhile for me to figure it out. It’s not a burn, or from wax being too hot. It’s from the wrong type of thread being used, as in wool thread. Cotton or silk should be used, which has a slight slip to it and runs across the skin easier.  Skin can also get irritated from the constant friction of the thread if your skin is sensitive.

4. The ouch factor
Because so many hairs are being pulled, much like waxing, expect the ouch factor to happen. Some clients say it hurts like crazy, others say not at all. It depends on the sensitivity of your skin and also how tight the skin is being held down as it’s being threaded.  So while threading is gentler on skin because you’re not using hot wax, oils or products on your skin that can irritate, know that the ouch factor is very similar to getting your brows waxed.

5. Dips being taken out on the top of the brow.
While a over zealous wax job can take too much from below or end of the brows, a uncontrolled threading can take chunks of hair out of the top of the brow. This happens when someone cannot control the thread and it dips into the top line of the brow as they work, taking out hairs along the top of the eyebrow.  Hair in this part of the brow is easy to hide with brow shadow, but hard to grow in.

While threading is the rage, I much prefer the precision of tweezing. And since the majority of my work is on clients that are in desperate need of fixing and repairing bad brow jobs, tweezing lets me align and fix the brow by working one hair at a time to get the best brow shape in the fastest amount of time for them.  LIke I always say, if you’ve found someone good to do your brows, stick with them!