My Top 5 Brow Services

Do you know what my most popular brow services are? I’ll let you in on my most popular requests last month:


The Model Brow® Service gives you a Complete Brow Consultation & Service, explaining the process every step of the way to help you grow in and maintain your best brow shape with a “No Stencil” approach. I fix brows and reshape by tweezing only, with waxing only by request. I finish the service with a light brow makeup and brow highlight, showing you how to apply so you can replicate the look at home.


  • Model Brow Shaping + Depilar Book Now

depilar permanent hair removal

Get a professional eyebrow shaping plus a Depilar permanent hair removal treatment specifically for the brow area. I tweeze the hairs that are not needed and then I apply Depilar only to the areas above and between the brows (below if requested) to thin, lighten and slow down hair growth. Does not affect the brow shape at all. Several sessions are needed to slow and stop hair growth, but it’s perfect for those that are constantly cleaning up their brows in between shapings. Perfect for both men & women. NOTE: Please avoid water on the treated area for 1 hour after service.


  • The Model Brow + 30 Day Custom Brow Tint Book Now
Get a custom Model Brow® brow shaping + a custom brow vegetable based tint to define, thicken and softly darken brows. I specialize in ‘spot’ tinting, where only light, sparse and gray areas are tinted for the most natural look. The whole brow can be tinted for a more dramatic look, but I find that spot tinting gives a great result. Spot tinting can be done with more than 1 color to create a more natural or a more dramatic result. Lasts 4-5 weeks.
  • The Model Brow Rehab : New Client  Book Now

My Brow Rehab Service is probably my most popular. It includes a complete Brow Consultation & Shaping + an all natural brow treatment to get your brows growing in fast. My exclusive Brow Scrub & Brow Serum is included in the service to take home and start your ‘brow homework’ to get thin and sparse brows growing again. Clients love it and results can be seen in as little as two weeks. A must have.

Just need a quick trim? For eyebrows that is. Great for clients that need a quick trim between shaping visits or just need to trim long stray hairs. Think of it as a ‘bang trim’ in between shapings.