Tweezing Above The Brow.

One of the most asked questions I get is: “Should I tweeze above my brows?”

The answer is yes and no. ¬†Yes if you know what you’re doing. No if you don’t.

Why? You can really destroy a brow by tweezing too much, and shaping above the brow in error can cause way more damage than doing too much below.


If you’re cleaning up your eyebrows then, you can tweeze above. The trick is tweezing only the stray hairs above the brow and avoid going into the actual brow shape itself to avoid any mishaps.

If you go too far? Then you get a case of what I call, a flat brow. A flat brow is where too much has been taken off the top, and makes the arch look less prominent than it is.


In some cases, the brow is straighter and has less of an arch naturally, like above. If that’s the case? Keep it the way it is. Your brow look is actually trending at the moment.

If you have the case of uneven eyebrows, where one brow is higher than than the other, the best bet is to see a pro. And don’t feel bad. It’s actually one of the most common eyebrow fixes that I do.

Most people think they can create a better arch by tweeIng into the bottom of the eyebrow and pulling a few hairs out to create more of an arch, or lift to the brow. Problem is, if there isn’t enough hairs on the top of the brow to compensate for removing hairs below, you can actually end up accidentally creating the ‘flat’ brow.

Case in point: On Jessica Alba, you could go into the arch and create more, but you’ll run in to the risk of ¬†making the brow way to thin at the arch and actually creating thinner brows.