The New Brow: Update Your Brow Look

It’s out with the old, in with the new. If you’re wanting to update your brow look, get a jump start on the newest way to fill in your brows.

What’s Old: Stenciled brows

What makes them outdated? It’s the severe drawn on, overly made up brow.

Stenciling your brow makeup on may help them create a better shape, but what it also does is create a harsh, severe line to the brow as well. It can look heavy, harsh and just plain fake.

 What’s New: A More Natural Brow

First off, to get the new brow, try growing in your brows 1 to 2 rows below the brow. This will help in creating a more natural looking brow.

Tip: Start growing your brows in now to get this look by next spring/summer.

  1. Find the line of your brow and with short strokes (pencil or powder) draw vertical lines into the brows, mimicking hairs.
  2. Easiest product is to use a clear brow wax, and with a thin slanted eyeliner brush, draw on lines only where needed in the brow with the wax. Then with the same brush, apply your brow shadow over the lines and the wax will create a hair like look. Even easier is a colored brow wax. Color and wax in one. Just be sure to use a thin angle or eyeliner brush.
  3. Brush color upwards where needed in the brow. Avoid drawing a horizontal line along the top and bottom of the brow lines. This creates a ‘stenciled’ brow which creates the fake look.
  4. Want to soften the look more? Take your spoolie brush and brush through the brows upwards. Don’t do too much or the color will blend into the skin, making the brow look flat.
  5. Brush upwards and outwards as you get to the end of the brows. This will create a more featured look in the brow, making it fuller looking. Avoid tapering the ends into a point.
  6. If needed, set with a clear brow gel to keep brows in place.