We’re in In Style

We were honored to be asked by the Depilar PR team to introduce Depilar to In Style Magazine!  After a few sessions of Depilar used for the arms and bikini, In Style decided it was one of 10 ways to get summer-body ready.

#2 Root Out Unwanted Hair for Good

Ready to toss your razor? Ulike IPL and electrolysis, the in-salon Depilar system is painless and works on all skin tones.  “It’s an enzyjme-based gel an aesthetician can apply after waxing to destroy empty hair follicles,” says NYC skin care expert Elke Von Freudenberg. Hair is gone in four to eight treatments.

Even better news? We just got word that the Depilar can now be used on a 2-4 week schedule for the facial area, while the body still gets every 3-6 weeks as to the frequency that you can use depilar.

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