Why Wait 3 Months?


The #1 thing I hear from clients is the “I”ve been told I have to wait 3 months” before booking a brow shaping appointment.”  As in, wait for 3 months worth of brow growth before anything can be done.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had clients say, “I’ve let my brows grow in for you.”  And when I ask for how long? It’s 3 months. Why is 3  months the pre-requisite time to wait? All I can tell is that you have been walking around for 3 months with very unruly and over grown in brows of which I have to now take off at least 80% of it… why? Because most of the brow growth is usually and sadly not where you actually want it. 

Does it take 3 months to get brows grown in in able to reshape them? No.  Because you’re only needing brow hairs that are the closest to the actual brow to be able to change or fix brows.  The time I need? Try 2 weeks.  Reshaping and fixing brows can be done with the brow you have now.  So no need to wait forever to get brows fixed up right.  So the next time someone tells you to wait 3 months before you make that appointment, keep looking. Because do you really want to wait that long?

See? And you thought it’d take forever to get great brows.